Presign Optimizes Signage Workflow for Top Real Estate Company

Summary: Coldwell Banker Gundaker, a leading real estate company in the St. Louis market, has enjoyed a nearly decade-long relationship with Presign for their signage needs. Presign’s master-based production process and just-in-time inventory management, housed in their St. Peter’s MO warehouse, have translated into significant time and cost savings for Coldwell Banker Gundaker. The system allows for same-day shipping of in-stock signs, complete with all required hardware, thereby streamlining operations for the real estate giant.

Industry: Real Estate and Signage
Category: Long-term Strategic Partnership for Signage Production and Inventory Management
Processes: Master-based Production Process, Just-in-time Inventory Management

In the fast-paced world of real estate, timely and accurate signage is a cornerstone of effective marketing. Coldwell Banker Gundaker, being a major player in the St. Louis market, needed a reliable partner to manage its extensive and diverse signage requirements. The challenge lay in producing a variety of signs with hundreds of different messages without compromising on speed or quality.

With nearly a decade of collaboration, Presign has fine-tuned its services to meet Coldwell Banker Gundaker’s unique needs. Operating out of their St. Peter’s MO warehouse, Presign employs a “masters” process. In step one, signs are pre-printed with general corporate branding elements like logos, borders, and backgrounds. Then, customized messages are added as specific orders come in.

In addition to this streamlined production process, Presign maintains an inventory of over 10,000 various signs, all wrapped and ready to ship. This allows them to offer same-day shipping for all in-stock items, complete with essential hardware such as stakes, pins, toppers, and ‘take one’ boxes.

The harmonious integration of Presign’s master-based production and just-in-time inventory management has resulted in considerable time, money, and effort savings for Coldwell Banker Gundaker. The availability of same-day shipping of in-stock signs meets the company’s demanding operational requirements, solidifying Presign as a strategic and invaluable partner in their nearly decade-long relationship.