PreSign Delivers to a Large National Contractor

Brinkmann Constructors is a St. Louis headquartered Multi-State Commercial Contractor that builds office and retail buildings (including Kohls) throughout the US.
In Jan 2020, they came to us as their previous sign company had closed down. They were in need of a “Partner” to assist with logistics and work flow as well as sign high volume sign production with their needs being over 10,000 signs per year.

Currently, Presign provides Brinkmann with construction signs to all of their properties and all locations, shipping their 50+ versions of signs to the needed facilities and job sites throughout the US. Plus we do complete commercial truck wrapping for them with lettering and brand imaging.

We have stream lined the process and reduced manufacturing time through our leveraging a process involving “masters.”  During the first step of production, we produce the signs without locale data, only printing corporate information i.e.; Logo, borders and backgrounds.  In step 2, when  specific orders are placed, we apply the “message and any needed location data” to the sign.

The net result is a streamlined process saving money and time, with speedy response available when needed.