Scaling Signage Excellence: Presign’s Strategic Partnership Elevates Brinkmann Constructors’ National Projects

Summary: Brinkmann Constructors, a St. Louis-based multi-state commercial contractor renowned for building office and retail spaces—including Kohls department stores—faced an operational bottleneck when their previous sign provider closed down. They needed over 10,000 signs annually, along with logistics management for multiple locations. Presign offered a comprehensive, scalable solution, streamlining manufacturing through a two-step “masters” process, thereby saving time and money while facilitating rapid responses.

Industry: Commercial Construction and Signage
Category: Strategic Partnership for High-Volume Sign Production and Logistics
Processes: Two-step “Masters” Production Process, Commercial Truck Wrapping

Brinkmann Constructors specializes in the construction of office and retail buildings on a national scale, a portfolio that includes projects for the Kohls department store chain. When their previous sign company ceased operations, a significant gap emerged in their supply chain. The challenge was not merely to find a new supplier but to identify a strategic partner capable of high-volume production and logistical complexity.

Recognizing the intricate needs of a large-scale commercial contractor, Presign designed a multi-faceted solution. This involved the provision of construction signs in over 50 variations to all of Brinkmann’s properties across the U.S., as well as complete commercial truck wrapping featuring lettering and brand imaging.

To maximize efficiency, Presign implemented a two-step “masters” production process. The first phase involves printing corporate elements like logos, borders, and backgrounds. The second phase is activated when specific orders are placed, at which point custom messages and location-specific data are added to the signs.

The strategic implementation of the “masters” production method resulted in a streamlined manufacturing process that aligns perfectly with Brinkmann Constructors’ needs. This approach has saved both time and money, providing Brinkmann with the capability for quick adjustments and additions to their signage as their construction projects evolve. The partnership ensures that Brinkmann Constructors can confidently handle their diverse portfolio of office and retail spaces, knowing they have a reliable partner in Presign for their high-volume and multifaceted signage needs.