CBU Mailboxes

Cluster Box Units & Outdoor Parcel Lockers

Thoughtful planning ensures CBUs blend nicely into your community, creating a common gathering space for you and your neighbors.

Conveniently located in a centralized area of your single or multifamily community.

Furnishing residents with secure, cost effective solutions for mail and package delivery.

Providing most efficient method of mail and package delivery to your community.

Decorative accessories dress up standard units to complement your community’s architectural style.

Featured Units

Cluster Box Units – Features & Options

All CBU models are USPS Approved and pre-configured with standard tenant and parcel locker compartment heights which meet specific USPS regulations.

Decals: All CBUs come standard with silver adhesive decals which are 1-1/2”H x 1-3/4”W. Black lettering can contain up to five characters (alpha and numeric) per decal.

Engraving: Custom engraving utilizes the USPS Standard US Block font and is 3/4” tall. All engraving can include up to 12 characters on one or two lines.

All cluster box unit types are available in six different architectural color options; all in a durable, powder coat finish.

*Note: Postal Grey is USPS Approved for replacement only and is not intended for new installations.