Contractor Signs

Contractor Signs

At PreSign, we understand that contractors are the backbone of various industries, including plumbers, painters, roofers, lawn care specialists, electricians, and many more. You’re the specialists who keep the world running smoothly, and we’re here to complement your expertise with our specialty in creating custom contractor signs.

Every successful contractor knows the importance of advertising, and we recognize that contractors have a unique opportunity to promote their services while they work. That’s where our Contractor Sign Services come in. As you tackle projects, our signs will proudly display your business identity, letting passers-by know who is behind the exceptional work they see.


Presign specializes in providing signs for contractors. We understand the diverse needs of construction projects and offers a comprehensive range of signage solutions; here is a list of common types of signs that contractors may use.

  • Construction Site Entrance Signs:
    • Indicates the entrance to the construction site.
    • May include safety instructions and contact information.
  • Construction Site Safety Signs:
    • Warns about potential hazards on the construction site.
    • Includes information on mandatory safety gear and precautions.
  • No Trespassing Signs:
    • Informs unauthorized personnel that entry is prohibited.
  • Hard Hat Area Signs:
    • Indicates areas where wearing hard hats is mandatory for safety.
  • Caution Signs:
    • Warns of specific hazards, such as slippery floors, moving equipment, or falling objects.
  • Emergency Exit Signs:
    • Clearly marks emergency exits for evacuation purposes.
  • Restricted Area Signs:
    • Alerts personnel to areas with restricted access.
  • Work in Progress Signs:
    • Informs visitors and workers that construction work is ongoing.
  • Safety Equipment Location Signs:
    • Highlights the location of safety equipment like fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
  • Traffic Control Signs:
    • Guides vehicles and pedestrians within the construction site.
  • Warning Signs for Heavy Equipment:
    • Alerts individuals to the presence of heavy machinery.
  • Environmental Protection Signs:
    • Informs about environmentally sensitive areas and precautions.
  • Quality Control Signs:
    • Indicates areas where quality control measures are in place.
  • Electrical Hazard Signs:
    • Warns of electrical hazards and the need for caution.
  • Hazardous Materials Signs:
    • Identifies areas where hazardous materials are present.
  • Assembly Point Signs:
    • Designates a location for personnel to gather in case of emergencies.
  • First Aid Signs:
    • Indicates the location of first aid stations.
  • Exit Signs:
    • Clearly marks exit routes for evacuation purposes.
  • Project Information Signs:
    • Displays project details, timeline, and contact information.